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Friends of Bach

Thanks to our friends who have made financial contributions.

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Anderson

Ms Jackie Betts

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brewer

Judy Goldsmith and Andrew Klapper

Mr. William Hershey Greer

Mr. Eric Grulke

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Haragan

Ms Barbara L. Herbener

Ms Alice Hollingsworth

Ms Linda Levstik

Rev. and Mrs. Eric Iversen

Mr. and Mrs. David Line

 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Marshall

Ms Evelyn S. Matherly

Ms Janice H. Nallinger

Karen and Charles Papp

Ms Jane E. Phillips

Mr. Mark Pittman

Ms Virginia L. Qualls

Mr. Gottfried Reck

Dr. and Mrs. Schuyler Robinson

Mr. Charles R. Sither

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Timoney

Mr. and Mrs. David Turner

Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Wiehe

If you would like to join our Friends, you may contribute online by clicking this donate button:

Or, you may mail your contribution to:

Kentucky Bach Choir

P.O. Box 1243

Lexington, KY 40588

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