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Saturday, October 16, 2022 

4:00 pm

Grand Prize



West Sixth Brewing

501 W. Sixth St., Lexington, KY 

Tickets are limited to 75 people only.


On hiatus for 2023.

For All Major Home Appliances

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This page under construction.

Gran Pausa. Fermata.

BACHtoberfest is on hiatus for 2023. Check back with us about a new fundraising event we're planning for Spring 2024.


Stay tuned! (so to speak)

BACHtoberfest Sponsors

Thanks to our loyal friends who made in-kind gifts to our

annual BACHtoberfest.

Papa John's

BHG Food Group

Trader Joe's



World of Beer

Anthony Vincent Nails

Whisky Bear

Fresh Market


Napa Prime

Woodford Theatre

The Salon at Wellington

Carnegie Center

Frank Holliingshead

Ricard's Grill

Clayton Pilates


Alice Mills DVM

John Christopher

Mark's Feed Store

Michler's Florist

Phyllis Jenness

The Retreat



ASA Salon

Bluegrass Baking

Richard Sowers

Massage 4 Wellness

Mary Chandler Bolin

Audrey Rooney

Ann Oliges LMT

Corner Wine

Wines on Vine

Equestrian Woods Animal Clininc

October Press

Patsy Anderson

Sherry Lemaster

Good Foods Co-Op

Speedy Lube

Rod Brotherton

Steve and Roberta Borgatti

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